Protein Guilt - Do you Suffer With it?

Do you suffer with protein guilt? This is a form of guilt, and phrase coined by Brad Pilon, that many of us who workout and have some understanding of nutrition fall victim to. Here can read more about what this former research scientist and protein supplement creater by Clicking Here.

Let's think of a possible real word situation that can often come our way. We just had a great workout and now we are going around to our friends house because they have invited us to dinner. Now, whe are hoping that we are going to get a chicken breast with some broccoli, or some lean red meat with some a salad or some veggie. However, they bring you a pasta dish! So on your plate you have an average portion of around a 100 grams of pasta, 1/2 a cup of pasta source, some parmasan cheese and some chives. Not only that, but they serve you up some bread too.

We have in front of us what is considered a carbohydrate heavy meal, not really what is suitable after a weight lifting workout. Not to be impolite to your generous friends, (who don't hit the gym regularly and have a deep understanding of carb, protein and fat ratios) you eat the generous meal they have cooked for you.

Shortly after, when you get back home and your worried that you haven't eaten enough protein to support your workout, you reach for the milk. One cup of milk is about 10 grams of protein, so you drink 2 cups and get 20 grams of protein and you feel all is good. This is a perfect symptom that you suffer from protein guilt!

The reality is that the "carbohydrate meal" that you had at your friends actually contained about 25 grams of protein and delivered around 600 calories. It really is a decent meal. There is protein in the bread, protein in the pasta sauce, and of course protein in the parmasan cheese. There is also some protein in the pasta itself. In fact, most of the protein comes from the milk and eggs used for making the pasta and the bread.

So, the milk that we reached for wasn't really necassery and it just gave us around another 250 calories in addition to the meal we just ate!

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