Using Protein for Muscle Growth

When we want to build muscle, one of the first questions we often ask ourselves is "How much protein do I need for muscle growth?". It is a fair question because protein is an important factor for muscle development, there is no doubt about that. However there is some controversy regarding how much protein we really need and if protein supplements are worth the expense. Protein powders are a billion dollar industry and they are very well marketed.

Brad Pillon, a research scientist and former muscle-building supplement developer, has some interesting things to say on this subject. He reveals shocking discoveries that made him change his mind about how he looks at protein in his report Protein and Muscle.

Brad is truly an expert on this subject. He was the development and research manager of a health supplement company, and during this time had developed many supplements focused on protein and muscle growth.

The majority of the projects he was a part of concentrated on formulating various protein powders and other types of protein food and supplements to sell to consumers just like us.

If there was clearly a person who was completely confident that protein really was the vital "key" to muscle development - it was him. He was the guy shelling out 100's of dollars on high-protein foods and protein supplements every month, purchasing extra meat, consuming "slow-release" proteins at bedtime, and worrying himself sick if he didn't get his "protein-fix" every three hours.

Yet, in one Life-Altering Moment all his previous "beliefs" about protein were smashed. During an exclusive dinner in Scotland, Glasgow, he was just putting the finishing touch on a research contract that was examining the performance enhancing and muscle growth impacts of a new sports supplement.

At the closing comments of this dinner,the subject of protein naturally came up. He made the suggestion that incorporating protein into this new formula would enhance its muscle growth effects and would make the supplement easier to sell. The head scientist looked at him and stated (in a mocking tone):

“Brad, if you BELIEVE in protein, then we will add it into the formula”.

As soon as Brad heard this he realized that they understood something about protein and muscle that he didn't! He realized that he was missing out on some crucial information about the connection between muscle and protein!

Be sure to check out his report at Protein Muscle Growth, and to leave comments here about it. I would love to hear your opinions.

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